Issue #001 OUT NOW


Milk Your Raccoon is proud to present the culmination of 15 years of hard work and graft, the Bean Goose E.P is a five track, free to download exploration of space and sound. The E.P also includes an exclusive 3 bonus tracks from international producers, Queerhawk, Ownly Childe and Goose Merchant101. Throughout the

project the team have been pushing the boundaries of experimental music; solidly

produced and professionally mastered, the Bean Goose E.P is the perfect accompaniment to any social gathering. Following the incredible success of the acclaimed single ‘Mr Bean Goose’ – interest has been enormous and at times overwhelming,

so a huge thanks go out to all the guys at the studio.

Great job!!

1) Mr Bean Goose

2) Nine Billion Geese in Beijing
3) More than a Bean Goose
4) Whatta Goose
5) Blame it on the Bean Goose

6) Mr Bean Goose – Goose Merchant101 remix
7) Future Goose – Ownly Childe
8) Set Goose to Bean Goose – Queerhawk



Download HERE ‘click’ the cover art:

ep covermk2


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